2017 Faculty Dscn0454 Auto 250

Jennifer Cambre –?AP Chemistry/PreAP Biology/PreAP Chemistry

Julie Carver –?AP Physics/AP Physics 2

Guillermo Coleman –?Principles of Engineering/Engineering Capstone

Christian Florczak –?AP Computer Science/PreAP Computer Science

Jose Gonzalez –?Superclass AP Physics/AP Physics

2017 Faculty Mcloda Auto 250

David McLoda –?PreAP Biology/Robotics/AP Environmental Science

I grew up in Oak Cliff and graduated from the Science and Engineering Magnet in 1995. I earned a degree in electrical engineering and computer science at MIT and a master’s degree in science education from Western Governors University. I moved to Florida where I built robots for theme parks and programmed hardware for satellite TV. I travelled the world while working for three years and have been to over 40 countries. I got married in Vietnam where I lived and taught English for a year. I became a science teacher after coming back to America. This is my eighth year teaching. I teach Robotics, Biology, and AP Environmental Science.

I sponsor the?Environmental Science Club,?Volunteering Club, and?Ping Pong Club.

Erin Morrison –?Anatomy/Physiology/PreAP Biology

Keivon Spencer –?AP Biology/PreAP Biology

Richard Tompkins –?AP Computer Science/Computer Science III

Charles Tuttle –?PreAP Chemistry/Superclass AP Chemistry